Why Portfolio Management
Why Portfolio Management
Why should I invest through Portfolio Management Services ?

Lack of appropriate knowledge
Majority of the population in is interested in investing into share market with the expectation of good returns. However, since most of the time they end up buying on the basis of rumors / tips and without appropriate knowledge, they end up into making losses and therefore lack confidence of getting good return.  

Professional Experts
A portfolio manager is an expert who understands the capital markets and is qualified enough to understand the dynamics of the capital markets.  He conducts a strong research based on which the funds are invested.  Since a portfolio manager is more focused on fundamentals and research than “tips”, the chances of losses are minimal.

Paucity of Time
In current times, everyone is busy in focusing their respective areas and don’t have time for managing their funds.  Most of the times, money is either not invested or may not be invested in the right opportunities of growth.  The handing over the portfolio is the trustworthy hands would ensure that the money is invested in the appropriate investment opportunity and is constantly monitored by an expert.

Based on the specific needs, return expectation and risk appetite of the clients, Portfolio Manager invests in a way best suited for each individual client.  The customization and regular updates of the portfolios helps investors have a better understanding of where and how their money is used.

What are the advantages of investing through a Portfolio Manager instead of Mutual Funds ?

Though mutual funds and portfolio management may seem to have a few similar features, however, when compared, portfolio management could rate higher for the following advantages:

  • Greater Control - You have a greater control over your portfolio, whereas it is automatic in a Mutual Fund.

  • Access to the fund manager - The client can meet with the fund manager with respect to the investments made in the individual portfolio.

  • Customisation - In PMS - the portfolio can be customized to suit an Individual risk-return profile.

  • Flexibility - The Portfolio Manager has relatively greater flexibility to move in and out of cash as and when required depending on the market view. 

  • Charges - Typically, charges are lower and more transparent in PMS vis-à-vis a Mutual Fund.
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