"I would like to provide my sincere thanks and appreciation for sharing “Quarterly Result Review - June 2018” report. Attachment has been prepared in a very simple and informative manner with the aim of every investor is able to understand the content thoroughly. I love symbolic representation of each factor in result with smiley as very good / good / bad

In general, this is beyond the expectation of investors where everyone is not with finance background. I have not seen such wonderful report model in my 20 years of market experience. Hats off to the team!".
Mr. Arumugam Pillai Manikandan, Qatar
"Care PMS has delivered a growth of over 30% CAGR over a period of 3 years from the day we first invested through Care PMS. Their operations are very transparent. The Care PMS research team has consistently picked winners in the MID CAP scripts.
Wishing them all success in the years to come!".
Mr. K Nainan Mathew (Retired CFO of Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. )
"Thoroughly professional, totally transparent, extremely responsive.".
Mr. Manoj Sabharwal
"Nearly three years have passed and have been getting consistent appreciation of my Portfolio.
I am able to access and solve my queries directly with concerned team member, who is always ready to answer my questions.".
Mr. Shamim Parekh
"The team runs a steady corpus. I have referred 3 colleagues to invest with Care PMS as well - some who joined when markets were temporarily correcting. But the team does great to resolve questions, educate investors on value investing and sticks to their promise of giving 20-25% returns p.a. (or rather beating it).
They are humble to date and as a Dubai resident, it's good to have face-to-face meetings.".
Mr. Vishesh Tandon, Director, SAMBHIC RESOURCES FZC
"I am invested with Care PMS for more than 4 yrs and the returns have been much above expectations. Care PMS takes into consideration to provide maximum returns with safety of capital and hence a proper balance of risk-reward. There is a team of professionals who are looking into the investments which is an additional plus.".
Dr. (CA) Rajkumar S. Adukia, Partner, Adukia & Associates
"Care PMS has provided outstanding returns for my investments over the last almost 3 years that I have been with them. The team is very professional and prudent in its investment approach.".
Mr. Raghuram Ramachandran, CFO, Nexus Pharmacy Group, Adelaide, Australia
"CarePMS Team, we love you guys. Simplicity and transparency are the keys to your success. Do well always.".
Mr. Vijay Tandon, Dubai
Dr. Diyesh Shah, Dwarkesh Hospital, Baroda
"We have completed 25 years of NRI investments consulting in UAE. Today Care PMS is on top of the list of the investment avenues recommended by us.
Solid and clear investment strategy backed by excellent professional research has led Care PMS to deliver outstanding returns since their inception in 2011. My business with them has grown because of their business acumen & excellent smooth operational support in setting up of accounts, monthly reports, additions and withdrawals to portfolios.
Most importantly we really like their fees model. Care PMS will charge fee only if the investor makes money. They have a single fee structure for all classes of investors be it family member or direct investor or investor thru Business Associates. The fee structure is a win-win situation for clients and Care PMS. We are happy to be associated with Care PMS & wish All the very best to Care PMS team for years ahead".
Mr. Huzefa Ibrahim, CEO- Devout Financial Investments Consultants FZ LLC (Business Associate since 2012)
"I have always been impressed by your diligent and prudent investment advise backed by solid research. I think your team is very professional, proactive at the same time grounded and does not get swayed away by the market trends or white noise. Your focus and perseverance is helping in beating markets in terms of superior returns. I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey so far with you and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
Keep up the diligent work and help us create wealth !".
Mr. Deepak Dhanak, Head of Tax - India & Asia - Star TV (21st Century Fox)
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