"We have completed 25 years of NRI investments consulting in UAE. Today Care PMS is on top of the list of the investment avenues recommended by us.
Solid and clear investment strategy backed by excellent professional research has led Care PMS to deliver outstanding returns since their inception in 2011. My business with them has grown because of their business acumen & excellent smooth operational support in setting up of accounts, monthly reports, additions and withdrawals to portfolios.
Most importantly we really like their fees model. Care PMS will charge fee only if the investor makes money. They have a single fee structure for all classes of investors be it family member or direct investor or investor thru Business Associates. The fee structure is a win-win situation for clients and Care PMS. We are happy to be associated with Care PMS & wish All the very best to Care PMS team for years ahead".
Mr. Huzefa Ibrahim, CEO- Devout Financial Investments Consultants FZ LLC (Business Associate since 2012)
"I have always been impressed by your diligent and prudent investment advise backed by solid research. I think your team is very professional, proactive at the same time grounded and does not get swayed away by the market trends or white noise. Your focus and perseverance is helping in beating markets in terms of superior returns. I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey so far with you and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
Keep up the diligent work and help us create wealth !".
Mr. Deepak Dhanak, Head of Tax - India & Asia - Star TV (21st Century Fox)
"One of the most important criteria for selecting Portfolio Manager is the 'Trust' and 'Confidence' and the fact that your hard earned money is with the safe hands. One of the biggest attributes of Care PMS is that I can trust them and have confidence in their skills and ability in nurturing my portfolio. Irrespective of the market movements, I feel that my funds are with the safe hands. Being in consultancy side, one of the most satisfying experience is when you get work from a client referral. I am sure Care PMS feels the same with getting lot of clients / funds from client referrals. Lastly, with no fixed fee (unlike other PMS), I also like and appreciate the policy of Care PMS of - 'they earn when client earn'. Kudos to Care PMS team. Keep up the good work and excellent client servicing!!!".
Mr. Pankaj Bagri, Director - Deloitte
"Team at Care PMS is hard working, knowledgeable and have a very good handle on financial market. They undertake diligent efforts towards their clients' investment and their benefit and have successfully provided gains to the clients during extreme market volatility. This encourages us to intensify our investment using their services. We are confident and extremely happy to have Care PMS as our portfolio managers. CARE PMS takes good CARE of their clients".
Dr. Harshul vora Director R&D, Dohler Middle East ltd., Dubai.
"I have been a client of Care PMS for the last 2 years. Prior to this, I was a passive investor in the share market. Being busy with my profession, I never really had the time to track my investments and time my exits appropriately. At Care, I have come across a team which is highly committed and focused around generating optimal returns for its clients. They are extremely professional in their approach, and at the same time, they also maintain personal touch with their clients. Honestly put, they helped me earn much much more than what I had expected in the last 2 years. They have a well researched and fundamental centric approach towards investing, which makes them a very safe and compelling choice for people who want to make good money out of the stock market with zero hassles. I am enthralled by their overall client management and services. Kudos to Team Care. You are doing a great job!"
Mr.Srimanjahar, Music Composer & Voice Culturist
"The performance of the portfolio I have with Care PMS, has done excellent in the past one year. The approach and knowledge of Care PMS is excellent."
Amit Ganatra, Owner, Care Hygiene Pvt. Ltd.
"It gives me pleasure to express my heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Care PMS. I am an extremely satisfied client of yours and am quite happy with the performance demonstrated by the portfolio and the team. I know that I had to exit the PMS for my personal reasons. But, at the next given opportunity, I shall lie to re-associate with your team. I am sure to recommend your services to anyone seeking such services in my circle." 
Shantanu Rooj, CEO at SchoolGuru Eduserve Private Limited
"I have been the holder of a PMS account for the last one year - and have been pleasantly surprised at the return in a highly volatile market with a strong downward bias - and, considering the mod market focus, it is even more creditable. A testimony to very good stock picking skills!!" 
Arvind Dalal, Chartered Accountant.
"Apart from service, Care PMS team have very high level of confidence and conviction in the stocks they buy which I found from the performance in my portfolio in bad time." 
Ashok Shah, Chairman, V-trans Group.
"I have had an opportunity of interacting with Care Portfolio Managers on numerous occassions. Their understanding and analysis of the industry is very impressive and insightful."
Sanjay Jain, MD, TT Ltd.

"My interaction with Care PMS has been a mutually win-win situation. At Care PMS, they have deep knowledge and study of the Indian financial markets to help clients to build power pack portfolios. They have indeed lived up to their motto 'Empowering People by Creating Wealth'. I wish them all the very best. "
Niranjan Govindekar, Associate Director, PwC

"We experience deep insights in understanding of an industry and companies at Care PMS. Their understanding of Value Investing is very good."
Bhavesh Talsania, Co-founder, aurionPro Solutions Limited

"We being Gujarati always think that we know how to make money from Share Market. But majority ends up making losses. I have been following recommendations of Care PMS for more than a year and even in the bearish trend of the market, their portfolios has shown hardly negative return, which shows their ability and depth of research they are undergoing. They are masters in research."
Tejas Shah, Het Advertising, Ahmedabad

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